February 2015 Goals

February 2015 Goals
I super-love goal setting. It fulfills both my need for achievement (check them off the list) and my love of self-improvement. Over the last six years, I have refined my methods to the point I feel like I have a system that really works for me.

At the end of each year, I reflect on the previous twelve months – what worked, what didn’t, what I want to do differently, what I want to do more of – and use this to help me set a master list goals for the upcoming year. Some of these goals are one-and-done tasks that get checked off the list (finish decorating house, beach trip, switch to all non-toxic household products). The rest are ongoing (eat whole foods, continue family dinners).

From my master list, I set monthly goals. At the end of each month I look at what I want to (and, feasibly, can) tackle in the upcoming month. This includes both one-and-done and ongoing goals.  I also evaluate my goals from the previous month to see what got done, what didn’t, and if the the things that didn’t get done need to be carried over or taken off the list.

Then, at the start of each week, I look at the monthly list and decide what I am going to work on for the week. If they are one-and-done, I pick a specific day for the goal and write it in my planner. If I’m focusing on an ongoing goal, for instance, move, I write a way I am going to work on it each day of that week (10K steps, yoga, family walk).

Most important is writing them down. And looking at them. Often. I keep my lists together in a notebook on my desk (pictured above) open to the monthly goal list. I look at it almost every day. To make things happen, I need to get them out of my head and in a place I am going to see them frequently. For me, this is the difference in getting them done and having a list of one-days I daydream about but never accomplish.

January 2015 Recap
–  Eat black-eyed peas and collards: Done. Also, this is one of our Fun Resolutions. Yes, I realizing making resolutions to have fun sounds decidedly Not Fun, but it keeps me from getting to the end of the year without doing a special holiday breakfast or eating watermelon with our feet in the pool.
–  Read 2 books: The Gifts of Imperfection and Teaching Montessori in the Home.
–  Write, daily: I’ll give myself a 40% on this. It is my big goal for the year, so I am happy with progress over perfection here.
–  Declutter office closet, hall closet, both bathrooms, P’s toys/closet/dresser: Hello, second trimester nesting. Nice to see you again.
–  Find new facewash: I am finishing our switch to non-toxic household and personal products this year. Tackling one or two things at time has made it much less overwhelming.
–  Restart Fletcher’s training: Our Boxer. I love him, but man is he crazy.
–  Finalize nursery plan and to dos: Done. Let the decorating begin.
–  Move: I’m back to wearing my fitbit, getting outside most days of the week, and doing some (very) basic prenatal yoga a few times a week.
–  Eat whole foods: I will nicely just call this a fail.

February 2015 Goals
–  Complete a Whole30: Today is day 3. I’m already happy not to be feeling so exhausted and grumpy, but this is round 2 for us so I know we’ve got miles to go.
–  Decorate, set the table and plan a fun Valentine’s meal w/ Hugh and P: Resolving to have fun is fun, people.
–  Read 2 books: Unrelated to parenting, birth, or childhood development.
–  Write daily. Post three days per week.
–  Start purchases for nursery and P’s big girl room.
–  Declutter office closet, basement: Godspeed, self.
–  Sew one basic project: Currently torn between a skirt for P and a foldover clutch.
–  Keep moving.
–  Continue Fletcher’s training: Longterm goal is to have him completely out of the crate when we aren’t here. Mainly so I can have the crate completely out of my house.

Let’s roll, February.

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