I’m Cassie.

I am a writer, a home cook, a book lover. I’m married to my favorite person in the world, Hugh, and Mama to our beloved and long-awaited daughter, Penelope.

We all have a story to tell, and this is mine.

I spent most of my life wondering what I should be when I grow up. As a child, I loved babies and food and writing. I played with baby dolls until I was awkwardly too old. And, in my kitchen now beside the cookbooks I use every day, is my very first cookbook, its spiral-binding spilling out pages that are worn out from how many times I read them as a little girl.

In college, I was an English major because I loved to write, and because my favorite teacher, as I was lamenting to her about what to do with my life, said, “Obviously you should be an English major.” Okay? Done. Let’s not talk about the degree-to-career conversion rate of a B. A. in English.

In 2004, I met my husband, Hugh, in an English Honors seminar my senior year, so you could say I owe everything I love about my life to that liberal arts degree.

In April 2012, after twenty-five months of of wishing and waiting and waiting and waiting, our daughter, Penelope, was born. When Hugh placed her in my arms for the first time, the best part of me was born, too – the Mama.

Motherhood rocked me to the core. It culled what was really important from what wasn’t in my life. And I found that what was really important was right here at home, the heart of it all.

As a wife and a Mama, I look at my marriage and my chance at motherhood and even my nightly charge of making dinner as opportunities to do my best work, to find joy, and to really live the good life.

And that is where this site was born, as a place to share my stories and recipes and advice about how to find more joy and live the good life at home.

I hope you enjoy.

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