At Home.

IMG_5804An end-of-the-week recap of what we’re doing, eating and reading:

Like everyone else, we are freezing cold and ready for Spring at this house. I am buying myself all the Spring flowers as a reminder we only have a few weeks to go. And, day dreaming about my garden.

One of the best lists of cooking tips I’ve seen, particularly 2, 19, 33, and 50.

Loved reading these thoughts on daughters and complimenting physical appearance. As a Mom, particularly the Mom of a daughter, this is something I think about every single day.

A great suggestion regarding sugar cravings.

We stripped Penelope down, gave her markers and let her do this last weekend. Kept her entertained for almost an hour.

Such good advice, whether you are a Mama or a writer or both.

It’s a weekend for cooking favorites at the Nadeau house. These quesadillas and this stromboli are on tap. Plus, Penel and I are surprising our best guy with a Key Lime Pie (shhh…). And, always, waffles (we favor the overnight batter).

I have been wearing these ankle boots almost every day since they came in October. They are the most comfortable pair of cold weather shoes I’ve owned and so easy to dress up or down.

Oh, Serial.

As of two weeks ago, we are flying through our list of pre-baby projects. Not the least of which is Finish Decorating This House, which is its own three page list of projects. You know, nothing major. Hugh hung this for me last weekend and it is making happy every time I look at it.

And, and oldie but goodie: she’s always been a Mama’s girl.

Happy weekending, friends! Hope you stay warm and eat pie.